Wiscarson Law empowers families with disability needs to balance the scales
and achieve a voice as equal participants in their education and life.

The Portland Tribune has an eye-opening look at the shift to regular education classes for Special Education students in the Portland Public School system. The article features various views from a wide-range of people involved with the special education system including a client of Wiscarson Law, Vanessa Smith.  The full article is available here.

The St. Helens Chronicle features local women, Diane Wiscarson and Lidia Saavedra.  Diane and Lidia talk about their start in Special Education law and advocacy.  Find out what sparked their passion to help other families through difficult processes and hard times.  Read the entire article here.

The Tri-City Herald reports on the $200,000 ruling against the Kennewick School District by the United States District Court in Yakima. Both the family and Wiscarson Law are relieved to finally have resolution in this case.  The full article can be read here.

Spectrums Magazine’s current issue features an in-depth article by Diane Wiscarson about post-high school services. The article details some successes and challenges of families while they try to navigate this confusing time with little help or support.  The full article is available here.

The Oregonian published an article last week regarding the settlement reached between between a family and the Portland Public School District. The family was represented by Diane. The board approved the settlement agreement at the board meeting without any further discussion.  The full article can be seenhere.

The November 2015 issue of NW Lawyer features an article by Diane Wiscarson and Elizabeth Polay from Wiscarson Law, along with James Gayton.  This article provides a look at the inception of Special Education Law and provides parents and caregivers a breakdown of current options for establishing special education services in a public school setting. …

Adoption Today, October 2015, has a lengthy and informative article about the IEP process by Diane Wiscarson.  From start to finish, Diane breaks down an IEP and its requirements. This wealth of information is a great starting point to understand more about the IEP and how it is supposed to work for your child. The…

During 2014, Diane Wiscarson provided over 50 hours of Pro Bono Services in the State of Washington.  The Washington State Bar Association has provided Diane with the Pro Bono Publico Service Commendation as recognition for her commitment to providing assistance when needed.  The full letter is provided below.

Lewis & Clark Law School posted a short article focused on Diane Wiscarson’s mission to help special education students and the recent OCR complaint against Beaverton School District.  The OCR complaint was filed on behalf of Louis Feldman.  The article can be accessed here.

The newest Oregon State Bar Bulletin issue has an in-depth write-up about Diane Wiscarson and her law practice focused on special education law.  The article offers an interesting look at when and why Diane became a passionate advocate for parents. Diane’s goal is to help families navigate the intricacies and nuances of IEPs and the…

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