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Phoebe in Wonderland



Felicity Huffman, Patricia Clarkson, Elle Fanning, and Bill Pullman

Phoebe in Wonderland is a delightfully magical film about an adorable, imaginative young girl who happens to have Tourette Syndrome. Felicity Huffman gives a stunning, powerful performance as her mom who is torn between accepting her daughter as she is and finding help for her. It’s an incredibly thought provoking situation that applies to all disabilities. Does a disability define a person? When does eccentric behavior cross the line and really become a problem to be fixed? While this movie does not answer these questions, it is a marvelous platform to start the conversation.




Hugh Dancy and Rose Byrne


Adam will charm your socks off. Two very different worlds collide in this quirky yet delightful romantic comedy. If you have a young child with Asperger’s, this movie will give you hope that there is someone out there for them.



What’s Eating Gilbert Grape



Johnny Depp, Juliette Lewis, Mary Steenburgen, and Leonardo DeCaprio


Before he was king of the world, Leonardo DiCaprio gave the performance of a lifetime as the mentally challenged younger brother of an equally talented Johnny Depp. A real, honest portrait of family life that will have laughing and crying in equal measure.



I am sam



Sean Penn, Michelle Pfeiffer, Diane Weist, and Dakota Fanning


A tear-jearker of a story if ever there was one! Sean Penn plays a mentally challenged man trying to regain custody of his daughter. Everyone nails their part and the story stays with you long after the credits roll.



Where’s Molly?



A documentary 47 years in the making. Heart wrenching tale of a family‘s secret and a son’s quest to find the truth – and his sister.



Girl, Interrupted



Winona Ryder, Angelina Jolie, Whoopi Goldberg, and Vanessa Redgrave


The turbulent 1960’s are the back drop for this alternative coming-of-age story. Surprisingly, a young girl’s stay at a famous psychiatric hospital is both redemptive and entertaining.






Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman


The classic story that made autism a household term. It’s as good today as it was when it was made.






Elizabeth Shue, Aaron Eckhart and Jill Hennessy


A fictional account of an adult “cured” of autism and the repercussions of that. While not true, or possible, at this point, it raises some great questions. What risk would you be willing to take to be cured? Which you is the better, real you? Is autism something that should be cured if we could? What risk would you take? This movie would take quite the cheesy turn without the talented performances of its leads. They make it real and honest.







If Bruce Lee had an autistic sister, this is the movie that she would make.


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